Finally I did it! Welcome to our Baby Boutique. I have been meaning to create a blog for sometime now and here it is, I finally did.

My name is Peggy Aigbogn, founder of ZeeZee baby boutique. I started to nurse the idea of running my own business after the arrival of our twin girls in 2013 when it became almost impossible to continue with a very hectic 9-5 job. The whole idea of running a Spanish Baby Boutique came to mind when my husband and I attend a Spanish fashion show in Spain. For the first time I could actually see amazing outfits totally different than what we find in a typical UK high street, I fell in love with what I saw. This is how it all started…

In 2015 I launched ZeeZee Baby Boutique. The name ZeeZee is coined from our beautiful girls names. They are my inspiration. It has been a dream come true running my own business and also watching my children grow.

In this blog, I am going to be focusing more on children’s fashion – Dressing children especially your little girls to look like the little angels and princesses that they are rather than looking like ‘ little adults ‘

I will also occasionally throw in my experience as a first time parent with other new parents.

Enjoy as you read along.