Finally I did it! Welcome to our Baby Boutique. I have been meaning to create a blog for sometime now and here it is, I finally did.

My name is Peggy Aigbogn, founder of ZeeZee baby boutique. I started to nurse the idea of running my own business after the arrival of our twin girls in 2013 when it became almost impossible to continue with a very hectic 9-5 job. The whole idea of running a Spanish Baby Boutique came to mind when my husband and I attend a Spanish fashion show in Spain. For the first time I could actually see amazing outfits totally different than what we find in a typical UK high street, I fell in love with what I saw. This is how it all started…

In 2015 I launched ZeeZee Baby Boutique. The name ZeeZee is coined from our beautiful girls names. They are my inspiration. It has been a dream come true running my own business and also watching my children grow.

In this blog, I am going to be focusing more on children’s fashion – Dressing children especially your little girls to look like the little angels and princesses that they are rather than looking like ‘ little adults ‘

I will also occasionally throw in my experience as a first time parent with other new parents.

Enjoy as you read along.

Baby styling

The Spanish Bonnet Styling

Also known as Capota in Spanish, the bonnet is a very common accessory worn by children of Spanish clothes lovers both in Spain and around the world.

It is a Spanish traditional style of dressing which originally acted to protect from sun rays. This look actually makes the dresses different from the standard children’s dresses you will normally find on the high streets.


The bonnet was also poplar amongst the French and in Scotland around 1505 where the term has long been especially popular.  Presently, only a few kinds of headgear are still referred to as bonnets, most commonly those worn by babies and Scottish soldiers.

The most common kind of bonnet worn today is a soft head covering for babies. They are shaped similarly to the kind of bonnets women used to wear, that is they cover the hair and ears, but not the forehead.

A large number of our customers love the baby three piece sets including a bonnet and jam pants.

During summer, the sun bonnet (pictured) while keeping your baby’s eyes away from direct sun lights also makes their dressing unique and beautifully stand out.